Welcome – Breathe in Detroit



It's no secret that your t-shirt can make a statement. But, how many t-shirts make a statement and have a purpose? Any t-shirt can be about something, but not every t-shirt does something. 

We make authentic Detroit apparel that does just that. It makes an impact by putting money directly back into local non-profits. Breathe in Detroit is a universal message that expresses what it means to be active and aware in your community. 

Breathe in Detroit grew from a small, single thought. One photograph sparked an idea, which started a conversation. That conversation grew to include Detroit. Detroit is on the world's radar right now because there's a lot going on. But Detroit isn't "coming back" - it was never gone. 

Detroit has always had its own vibe, its own soul, its own spirit. It's an original. The difference is in the momentum and the attitude. When we look around, we see and feel positive change, energy, and creation...all moving forward at the same time. 

Together, we can breathe shared energy into the city of Detroit. Every shirt makes an impact.