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Breathe In Detroit


Detroit has its own vibe, its own soul, its own spirit. It’s an original. When we look around, we see and feel positive change, energy, and creation – all moving forward at the same time. We design and print apparel that says something important - something we think the world needs to hear. Universal messages that express what is it to be active and aware in the community, right now. When you wear it, you make a statement, without saying a word. You make connections and share something that makes the world a better place. Even more important, we make an impact through donations from every purchase - fighting hunger and aiding addiction recovery. Things that directly improve our communities. Detroit is more than a place. It lives, it feels, it breathes. And there’s no place like it in the world.

Why Breathe in Detroit?

Breathe in Detroit was started as a personal journey of hope and change from addiction recovery. Life doesn't always turn out the way we think it will. Sometimes it goes in directions we can never imagine. No matter what, as long was we have our breath, we have hope. Breathe in Detroit was born out of that hope. Read our story.